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Connected Technology at Speed and Scale

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When evaluating tech stacks, health system leaders cite interoperability and EHR integration as top priorities1, yet these remain persistent pain points and blockers to overcome. When technology systems aren’t integrated, workflow inefficiencies abound, patient data gets lost, and providers lose precious time hunting down records, leading to fragmented experiences.

CipherHealth understands that seamless interoperability across your technology ecosystem is crucial for establishing continuous-loop communications with patients and staff. Our one-to-many integration capabilities streamline the process of connecting multiple point solutions facilitating efficient data exchange, saving time for staff with fewer clicks, reducing the need for duplicate data entry, and providing timely access to patient data.

CipherHealth supports integrations across 85+ EHRs, Employee Recognition Systems, and Ticketing Systems, providing a single point of integration to manage so you can:


Our Solutions:

EHR Integrations

Manage and funnel data from multiple sources into the patient record. Epic Flowsheet Integration, EHR Activation Gateway, and Enhanced Appointment Reminders improve workflows by reducing clicks and manual workflows, ultimately increasing staff satisfaction, growing revenue, and reaching patients at scale. Our EHR integrations include:

Employee Recognition Systems

Create meaningful interactions between patients and staff and ensure staff get the recognition they deserve by automatically sending Caregrams from CipherRounds to your employee recognition systems.

Our expanding list of supported solutions includes:

Ticketing Systems

Capture and funnel alerts, requests and incidents from CipherHealth’s solution into a range of ticketing systems to notify the appropriate resources in real-time to facilitate timely resolution.

Our platform integrates with risk, safety and facilities management systems including:

Get started today: Let CipherHealth do the work of bringing together data from employee recognition, ticketing, risk and safety management, facilities management systems and your EHR for a cohesive communications experience.




Meaningfully connect with your patients to deliver more personalized, intelligent and timely care at scale