8 Ways to Take Care of Yourself While at Work

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We know we’ve talked about how to prioritize your self-care before. But as most adults spend 40+ hours at their place of work every week, it seemed worthwhile to share our thoughts on how to practice self-care while at work. We often times spend more time in the office with our co-workers than we do at home with our families, so let’s all agree to make that time as pleasant as possible by making sure our needs our being met.


Here are 8 ways to practice self-care while at work:

  • Stretch: Here is a how-to guide so that you can try a few office-friendly stretches yourself.
  • Decorate your space: You spend so much time at your desk, put in the effort to make it your own by adding nicknacks, pictures, lights, pillows, etc. Aim to create a workspace that makes you feel inspired.
  • Take breaks from looking at screens: Blue light from screens can strain your eyes and lead to eye fatigue and headaches. Try to build in a 5-minute break from screens every hour into your schedule.
  • Drink water: We always include this important tip as drinking water is always a good move and offers many benefits.
  • Prioritize Ergonomic Desk Setup: How you are sitting while at work can have a huge effect on your posture, productivity, and overall mood. See a guide by the Mayo Clinic, here, on how best to create an ergonomic desk that works for you.
  • Eat Healthy Snacks: Ever gotten so busy at work you forgot to eat lunch? Guilty. Keep healthy snacks such as nuts, nut butters, dried fruits, and granola/protein bars at your desk for those days when you just can’t make the time to sit down and eat.
  • Use Office Supplies that Spark Joy: While office supplies are not what comes to mind when one thinks of self-care, it is a great way to make a small improvement in your day to day life. Find pens, paper, stationary that brings you joy and make sure to use it while at work. Some of our favorites are:
      • Muji 0.25 mm pen
      • Pilot G2 pen
      • Midori notebooks – our Creative director, Jane Wang, loves these
  • Pamper Yourself: No spa, no problem. While none of these products are life changing enough to make you confuse your desk with a spa, they are a great option for a quick moment of self-care during a busy day.
      • Cuticle oil
      • Hand cream
      • Lip masks
      • Facial sprays

Interested in learning more about self-care in the workplace? Check out The Muse’s “Self-Career-Care” article here and while you’re there learn more about the CipherHealth workplace.


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