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The Importance of Patient Engagement

CipherHealth CEO Jake Pyles tells CMO Jim Somers about Cipher’s mission to be the patient engagement platform, and lays out what our platform can do for health systems: keep patients engaged in the network, the ability to automate administrative tasks and post-discharge outreach to relieve staff burnout, engage families and caregivers, and leverage data and reporting to improve operations – ultimately doing more with less. Watch now.

Connecting Pre-Care, Point-of-Care, and Post-Care

Interviewer: “I know you have a very clear vision as CEO for where CipherHealth is going, can you share with us what that vision is?”

CEO Jake Pyles: “It’s our plan to become the indisputable leader in Patient Engagement by being the platform that connects pre-care, end-care, and post-care experiences. With the assets that we have and the customers that we work with, we’re in a unique position to play that role for the industry.”

Patient Engagement as a Platform

Interviewer: “Can you tell the viewers what value a platform, our platform, brings to them?”

CEO Jake Pyles: “It does many different things one, by using us in a platform like way, you’re keeping the patient engaged at all times during the healthcare journey, and in many ways you’re keeping them engaged in the network. A a lot of healthcare systems are worried about network leakage. By using a platform, for example, you know when you’re visiting a primary care doctor and he recommends a specialist visit, why not make that appointment right there? And trigger an outreach to ensure that it’s done. It’s things like that, ensuring that we’re keeping the patient engaged in the healthcare journey that’s unique about using a Patient Engagement platform provider like CipherHealth.

I think the second area that I would highlight is the ability to automate administrative tasks, appointment reminders, pre-arrival instructions, post-discharge outreach, it takes a lot of the administrative burden off the backs of your nursing population, back to the burnout issue that many are struggling with. This is one way to tackle it by using technology via the Patient Engagement platform to eliminate some of that work, and use tech to do it.

Another area is using a platform to engage more than just the patient, how do you engage other stakeholders in the care journey? How do you extend that understanding of what is happening through the care journey to family, to care-givers, when appointments are occurring, what needs to happen pre appointment, what needs to be done to keep the patient from being readmitted, all that information being shared with more than just the patient, by having them engaged it increases the likelihood we keep that patient engaged and out of the hospital and improves the healthcare outcome for the patient.

I think the final piece that I would highlight is by using us in a platform like way it affords you the ability to create unique insights in data and reporting that afford you to improve the operations across that workflow and guiding and directing where you make changes within that workflow based on what you’re getting from a Patient Engagement platform provider like CipherHealth I think can uniquely position you to improve your operations and become more efficient and do more with less.”