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Patient Engagement Solution Criteria

CipherHealth Chief Product Officer Mandana Varahrami shares what to look for in a patient engagement platform.

Key Criteria for a Patient Engagement Solution

CipherHealth Chief Product Officer Mandana Varahrami: “So what do we think everyone should be looking for in an effective Patient Engagement Solution as a result of this? As you can see here we have noted four key sets of criteria:

  • A unified patient engagement platform that can intelligently manage patient communication
  • Expanded services that grow with you as your patient engagement needs evolve
  • A solution that is purpose-built for patient engagement
  • Bi-directional data flow from Epic to CipherHealth’s communication platform

As a result our goal is to provide an end to end solution that helps our customers meet the following Patient Engagement objectives:

  • Enhance the patient experience through increasing digital engagement with patient population and increasing access to care anywhere, anytime, through scheduling
  • Maximize patient engagement by configuring message send times to reach patients when they’re most likely to engage, driving reminders on either appointment and personal level
  • Driving portal activations encouraging patients to use the tools as a routine part of their healthcare engagement
  • Improve staff workflows and increase revenues by reducing administrative costs associated with patient management by capturing real time conversational patient data that integrates directly in Epic, and maintaining revenue streams and maximizing utilization of healthcare resources
  • Increase IT development velocity by rapidly deploying new features at scale, troubleshooting more effectively through familiar Epic and CipherHealth interfaces and having competence in CipherHealth’s technology that meets Epic’s rigorous standards for interoperability
  • Gain actionable insights through reporting and analytics that review patient activity in areas of highest and lowest engagement, identify areas for troubleshooting with visibility to undelivered messages, and lastly evaluating trends to optimize outreach programs across patient populations