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Medication Affordability & Adherence

Connect patients to life-saving medications and prevent readmissions with CipherHealth’s Medication Affordability & Adherence Program.

Video Transcript

Medications are expensive. Even with insurance, many patients struggle to afford their prescriptions.

The cost of medications is a significant barrier to adherence.

67% of unfilled prescriptions are due to cost1

2.5x higher prescription costs in the US than elsewhere2

$336 billion increase in outpatient prescription spend 1980-20203

This can lead to adverse health consequences and re-hospitalization.

100,000 annual deaths from nonadherence4

Up to 50% treatment failures from poor adherence5

10% annual avoidable readmissions6

There is a solution. A digital approach helps patients access affordable medications critical to their recovery.

CipherHealth’s medication savings program can be offered to patients via CipherOutreach. They are connected to personalized recommendations based on their prescribed medications, insurance and pharmacy of choice.

How it Works:

  1. A new Rx is written during a healthcare visit
  2. Rx Activation: The patient receives a link from CipherHealth via SMS to access their personalized recommendations
  3. Recommendations: The patient can see ways to save on their prescribed medications.
  4. Savings at Pharmacy: The patient simply shows the pharmacist the instructions that were sent to their phone.
  5. Better Outcomes: The patient saves money, stays on their medication and experiences better health outcomes.

CipherHealth’s Medication Affordability & Adherence Program can play a vital role in promoting better health outcomes for patients, supporting their recovery and long-term health.

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