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Northwell Health: Does Patient Rounding Actually Work?

A Deep-Dive at Lenox Hill Hospital.

Joe Leggio, VP of Experience Services at Lenox Hill Hospital (Northwell Health), explores how he formulated the data-driven rounding strategy at Lenox Hill Hospital to align with key HCAHPS domains, the impact of different types of patient rounding on HCAHPS scores and the connection between employee experience and patient experience.

Improving HCAHPS Scores with Better Patient Rounding

  • After partnering with CipherHealth, Northwell Health improved their national percentile ranking for HCAHPS Responsiveness Domain from the 19th percentile in 2018 to the 93rd percentile in 2021.
  • Northwell Health also improved from a 2.54/5 score on the Employee Experience/Engagement Score in 2018 to a 4.62/5 score in 2020.
  • Northwell Health worked with CipherHealth and nurse leaders to build a new rounding script after collecting qualitative and quantitative feedback on the previous rounding process.
  • Aligning individual steps of the rounding process to an HCAHPS domain helped raise HCAHPS scores over time.
    • Northwell improved from the 27th percentile in the HCAHPS RN Communication Domain to the 99th percentile in 2021
    • They also improved from the 49th percentile in the HCAHPS Likelihood to Recommend Domain to the 95th percentile in 2021
  • Patients in the orthopedic surgery unit were 12% more likely to recommend the hospital if they received rounding from a nurse leader with CipherHealth vs those who received   no rounding. 
  • Northwell’s example shows that employee experience and patient experience are positively correlated.