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Case Study
Client: Hill Physicians Medical Group

CipherHealth’s Outreach Solutions Drive Patient Participation in Preventive Care

Hill Physicians Medical Group’s compliance rates increase for Cancer and Diabetes screenings


Hill Physicians Medical Group (HPMG) implemented CipherHealth’s Outreach Solutions to improve compliance for disease-specific preventive care. An analysis of patient engagement data from a two-year period—1/1/19 through 12/31/20—shows Cancer and Diabetes screening compliance rates increased for patients who interacted with CipherOutreach.


Prior to implementing CipherOutreach, HPMG was having difficulty getting more of their patients to complete the recommended Cancer and Diabetes screenings. To better ensure their community was complying with these important preventive measures, inconsistent reach rates and patient engagement needed to be addressed.


The medical group’s goals were to improve patient engagement with automated outreach calls, increase participation in preventive screenings and improve health outcomes across their patient populations. As part of that goal, they wanted a way to connect patients to a real person to help schedule the screening.


With CipherOutreach, HPMG was able to reach more patients and increase compliance. When a patient indicated that he or she needed scheduling assistance during the automated call, it would trigger an alert and a HPMG team member would know to call the patient back.

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CipherHealth analyzed 121,644 outreach encounters. Of those, 38.9% (47,210) answered the call. Of those who answered, 13.8% (6,523) of patients requested help from an HPMG team member. Overall, the data shows the importance of patient engagement and follow-up with those patients who select they need assistance:

  • Patients who engaged with the outreach call had compliance rates that were almost 10 percent higher than patients who did not engage.
  • Overall rates of compliance were 23 percent higher for patients who elected to receive help from a team member.
  • With the addition of text messages, the percentage of patients who engaged with outreach communications was roughly 2x higher.
  • Cancer screening patients, specifically, who received help from a team member had compliance rates that were almost 38 percent higher than cancer screening patients who did engage with the outreach call at all.

With digital, automated outreach, HPMG’s compliance rates in preventive screenings improved within one year. The rate of compliance was 11 percent higher in 2020 than in 2019 and 23 percent higher when an HPMG team member called the patient back to assist with scheduling. Adherence to preventative health screenings facilitates early diagnosis and treatment, improves quality of life and prevents premature death. With CipherOutreach, HPMG’s team reached and engaged more of their patients and connected them to the time-sensitive screenings that are so important to their long-term health.



About CipherHealth’s Outreach Solutions

CipherHealth offers a robust suite of multimodal, targeted outreach programs that drive meaningful conversations among patients, providers and caregivers both in pre-care and post-care settings. Messages can be sent via Voice or SMS at a designated time and with a personalized script for the individual patient.

Deliver more personal, intelligent and timely care
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