Mental Health Month: 8 Ways to Destress in the Office

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At CipherHealth employees mental health is paramount to our company’s success. As a part of our culture, we strive to maintain a happy, healthy team of individuals who prioritize their mental and physical wellbeing.


In our mission to improve both patient outcomes and experiences across the entire care journey, we help providers engage their patients regarding mental health and wellness – allowing them to get connected with the right resources for their individual needs. CipherOutreach and CipherCareManager are two solutions we provide that give providers and caretakers the tools to make both individual and population-health improvements. In fact, we have behavioral health programs in four states with a 51.2% reach rate and 27.4% of those patients require intervention.


As we aim to help patients, we also know that in-office activities can play a major role in an individual’s overall wellness and even the most hygge and zen offices can feel like breeding grounds for stress. For healthcare providers in particular, how their employees feel has a major impact on their patients. For that reason, we wanted to provide a few tips for helping employees destress in the office.



  • Take a Walk: Physically remove yourself from the situation that is causing you stress. This can help gain perspective on an issue while also getting in some exercise that provides endorphins and vitamin D on a sunny day.


  • Smile: We have all heard this before, but smiling even when you do not want to has shown to help boost your immune system, reduce stress, and lower your heart rate.
  • Listen to Music: Take a few minutes to jam out – bonus points for fitting in a dance session to “shake it off” as well.
  • Meditation Break: Escape for a few minutes to clear your head and practice mindfulness. There are several apps to aid in this such as Calm and Headspace.
  • Stretch: Relieve some of the stress on your body by stretching at your desk. Here is a how-to guide so that you can try a few office-friendly stretches yourself.
  • Read a few Pages: Take a page out of CipherHealth’s Talent, Development, and Culture Manager’s book and use reading as a way to destress and create mental space.
  • Grab Coffee or Tea with a Coworker: Ask someone you do not usually work with to take a coffee break with you. This is one of CipherHealth’s favorite ways to destress while also getting to know your coworkers!
  • Watch an Inspiring or Funny Youtube Video: A oldie but goodie is Baz Luhrmann’s “Wear Sunscreen” video, see here.

If the you or someone you know is in crisis, please encourage them to seek help immediately. Direct them to call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) to reach a 24-hou


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