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Intelligently Manage Patient, Staff and Caregiver Communication With a Single, Unified System

A nurse viewing healthcare data on a tablet

CipherHealth’s Patient Engagement Platform helps healthcare systems better understand every patient, ensuring all communications can be personal, relevant, informed and actionable. At the center of the platform is a powerful digital orchestration engine that serves as an intelligent hub to manage patient, staff and caregiver communication. The engine improves operations by functioning across CipherHealth’s entire suite of in-care rounding and pre- and post-care outreach solutions, allowing for a single, unified system that is the center of gravity for patient engagement during all stages of care.

Scalable, automated communications across the patient journey: Engage patients on their own terms, sending the right message to the right person at the right time. If patients text in their day-to-day life, they expect a text message; if they make voice calls, they expect the phone to ring. Personalized communications lead to greater activation, and ensure the best possible response from patients, providers, and caregivers.

Contextualized and actionable insights: Health systems need an intelligent system that is data-driven and agile to capture patient information and make it clearly actionable in a seamless, logical way. CipherHealth layers engagement data onto a patient’s medical record — enabling more personalized and effective healthcare conversations across the care continuum that drive tangible improvements in clinical outcomes and total cost of care.

Interoperable engagement with your EHR: Maximize workflow efficiency and reduce IT burden with a platform that integrates seamlessly with your EHR. CipherHealth’s solution helps you manage and funnel data from multiple sources that follows your patients while making it easier for you to access within your cloud-based data warehouse.

Key Benefits

Reach Patients at Scale

• Flexible, multi-purpose solutions grow with you as your patient communications needs evolve
• Manage large volumes of data without straining your IT resources

Close Gaps in Care

Communicate with patients on their terms by delivering important health information on a consistent, timely basis
• Engage patients, staff, families and communities to enable even better care outcomes by connecting the care group

Optimize Staff Efficiency

• Automate outreach so your staff can focus on patient care
• Future-proof your investment with a single-source solution that was expressly built for patient communications

Report and Analyze

• Take quick action in response to real-time reporting, evaluating trends to optimize outreach programs
• Review patient activity and areas of highest/lowest engagement


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Meaningfully connect with your patients to deliver more personalized, intelligent and timely care at scale