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Henry Ford Health System Leverages Digital Rounding as a Patient Experience Driver

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In a recent Patient Engagement HIT article, Vanessa Mona, Director of Care Experience at Henry Ford Health System (HFHS), shared how her organization is leveraging technology to optimize rounds and further the patient experience.

As Mona discusses, HFHS needed to improve their patient rounding processes to reduce duplicative efforts and create visibility into patient perceptions. After implementing CipherHealth’s digital rounding application, HFHS saw an immediate improvement in the patient experience due to enhanced transparency and accountability. Now that Henry Ford has had the digital rounding solution in place for three years, the leadership team is exploring additional ways to drive success.

In the next phase of their rounding journey, leaders at HFHS are striving to find the balance between the quality and quantity of rounds. As rounding on patients becomes engrained into the culture of the organization, ensuring leaders understand how to connect with patients and proactively resolve issues is of increasing organizational priority. By leveraging the application’s customizable features, Mona is developing thresholds that keep staff accountable for creating meaningful patient experiences throughout the care continuum.

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