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[Audio] Roadmap to Recovery: A Conversation with CipherHealth Co-Founder Alex Hejnosz


Listen to The Future of Healthcare – in 10 Minutes (or Less)

Welcome to the first in a series of audio broadcasts, part of our content series about the Roadmap to Recovery – a look at the future of healthcare as we begin to emerge from the COVID-19 crisis.

We begin our exploration by hearing from Alex Hejnosz, co-founder of CipherHealth:


Here are some highlights from our discussion:

Has healthcare has changed forever? Why?

“There has been one new trend that’s emerged and is driving every other trend that exists within the healthcare ecosystem  – and it’s generally around pace…This pandemic has forced acceleration, and the pace of change that people have demonstrated is truly incredible. This is going to quicken the pace of every other change that people have been following in healthcare, such as consolidation of hospitals and health systems, consumerism, telehealth, AI, machine learning, ancillary technology, wearables, …”

Why do you think the new pace of change brought about by COVID-19 is poised to continue?

“Throughout the pandemic, things that people had set out to do in telehealth over the next five years has been accomplished in a matter of weeks. That overarching acceleration trend is really going to drive the pace of every other sub-trend within healthcare.”

Why will portability of data will be important for the future of healthcare?

“Whatever comes next, there will be a need for true portability of data that’s easy enough so that most people can benefit — to have control of your own data and be able to easily share it with other interested parties that may need to have access to it.”

What do you think the role of telehealth will be going forward?

“For those who have already experienced a telehealth visit, it takes a fraction of the time and you can have the same relative experience of being in a physician’s office. Once enough of the population sees what that’s actually like, I don’t see it reversing course, it’s only going to accelerate.”

Why are there reasons to remain hopeful in today’s chaotic healthcare environment?

“The advancement that’s going to happen, that’s going to be derived from this time, is going to be pretty incredible. I have a lot of optimism around the healthcare ecosystem’s ability to handle what’s coming and what type of health system we’re going to have post-pandemic.”


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