CipherOutreach in Action: Improving Medication Adherence

By following up with 100% of patients post-discharge, CipherOutreach helps care providers identify potential adverse events and improve patient outcomes. The real-life story below is from one of our client hospitals. It demonstrates how this outreach enhances patients’ understanding of and adherence with medication information. This is just one of the many ways we are aiming to positively improve the lives and experiences of patients, their care givers, and care providers.

“A 65 year-old, Spanish-speaking-only, female patient was discharged from the hospital after experiencing a TIA, or “mini stroke.” The patient’s son was the primary caregiver. Through CipherOutreach follow up, the son indicated that he was having trouble remembering the doctor’s discharge instructions regarding his mother’s blood pressure medication. When a nurse from the hospital saw the issue she reached back out to the patient and her son. Although the doctor had failed to document the parameter orders on the Medication Reconciliation Form, the nurse was able to locate this information in the Discharge Summary, and reiterated the instructions to the caregiver.

“During this follow-up call, the son explained that his mother had been making the family take her blood pressure every hour, including throughout the night, for fear of suffering another stroke. The son was concerned that he had given his mother too much medication. The nurse spoke with the son about how often to take his mother’s blood pressure and how to ease his mother’s worries. He then asked the son if he would consider home health, to which he readily agreed. Through our platform, the nurse was able to get an order from the patient’s PCP immediately sent to the chosen home health agency, which sent a nurse to help the patient later that same day.”

CipherHealth empowers providers across the care continuum to deliver enhanced patient experiences and communications through a modular, comprehensive patient engagement technology platform.