Tips & Tricks: Manager User Permissions in Bulk

User Management is the ability to manage the permissions of one or multiple CipherHealth users at your organization. This includes but is not limited to adding new users, editing the access of existing users, and removing old users.

As you implement more CipherRounds use cases, more users will have access to the CipherRounds tool. A growing user base on the CipherHealth platform can enhance internal communication, but it can also breed administrative complexity. As you grow, you’ll need to be pickier about who sees what. For example, the EVS team will need access to the alerting dashboards but not the Nurse Leader rounding script, and the Nurse Managers will need access to some scripts but not others. The more time you spend configuring permissions and emailing support, the less time you spend with patients and your team.

Instead of applying permissions on a user-by-user basis or emailing every time you need to update a user, you can add, edit, and update user permissions in bulk – all on your own! We also have the ability to import users via an automated file. These features are designed to help you scale your engagement efforts and get new users up and rounding as quickly as possible.


To get started with user management and to set up a training, email or your Customer Success Manager.

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