Tips & Tricks: Capture Intervention Times

Utilize CipherHealth’s intervention timer when performing callbacks to assess the total amount of time a care team member spends with each patient. Using the intervention timer is simple. Follow the steps below:

Go to Your Open Cases Dashboard: Navigate to Resolve, then select the dashboard you wish to see.



Select an Open Case: Double click a patient’s name to open the case



Start the Timer: Click “Start” when you begin to triage the Open Case. Select “Reset” if the Intervention Timer was started unintentionally.



Stop the Timer: When finished, you can either (1) select the “Stop” button, (2) leave/close the page to view a different page, or (3) close out (“submit”) the case via the checkmark button. Please note, if you return to the case, you will need to start the timer again.



The best part? Your team will receive detailed reports on intervention timeliness, enabling you to assess workflow inefficiencies and implement interventions, if needed.

For more information and to get access to this CipherOutreach feature, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or

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