Tips & Tricks: Use A Mix of Calls and Texts Reach More Patients

As a CipherOutreach user, you use different modes of outreach to reach patients. Some of you may use voice calls to reach your inpatient population while others may use text to reach their OB/New Mom population. As patient preferences become increasingly important in today’s healthcare environment, it’s important to reach the patient using the communication channel they prefer to be reached.


Outreach Preference Attempts

The CipherOutreach configuration you’ve been using up until now has been limited. You could reach patients with a call and a text, but not a variety of each. With our most recent CipherOutreach update, also known as Outreach Preference Attempts, you can alternate between different channels over a period of time to maximize reach rates.


How To Leverage This Feature:

Use this feature in a variety of programs to reach patients in more ways.

  • Appointment Reminder Program: A patient has an upcoming annual wellness visit. The program texts him at 9 AM two days before his appointment and he doesn’t respond because he is busy at work. The patient then receives a call at 12 and he lets it go to voicemail because he’s at lunch.The patient then receives an additional text the following morning 1 day before his appointment and responds to the text and confirms his appointment.
  • Preventive Screening Program: A patient that is due for a mammography screening is enrolled in a call to schedule an appointment for her screening. She is called by the program twice on the first day followed by a text message. The patient doesn’t answer any of these attempts.In an effort to not disturb the patient the program then waits 4 weeks and calls the patient again.  This time the patient answers the call and schedules her appointment.




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