The Staff Well-Being Imperative

Next Steps for CNO & Nursing Leaders

Your Guide to Staff Well-Being Best Practices for a New Era in Healthcare

Frontline medical staff are in crisis. A year’s worth of battling a historic pandemic has pushed many workers to the brink of burnout, and a looming nursing shortage threatens to upend nursing as we know it. Clinical leaders have a key role to play in combating the crisis. This guide contains key learnings to help you understand and address staff concerns in real-time. Read this guide to learn:

The new fallout and challenges posed by a once-in-a-century pandemic
The connections between staff satisfaction, financial performance, and patient outcomes
How hospital leaders can adopt a “Listen, Learn, and Act” stance to address staff well-being now
Clinicians are among the last to seek help for themselves.
Be proactive for their safety and for their patients.

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