Your staff needs help. Do you know where to start?

Listen, Learn, and Act: Support Your Frontline Staff

These three important steps can make all the difference to an overwhelmed staff in need of support. Healthcare providers and extended teams are playing a critical role at this historic time, making significant sacrifices to care for others. We can help you focus on their well-being by providing comprehensive tools to have purposeful conversations with team members, collect real-time data, and identify actionable ways to support them.

CipherHealth’s Staff Well-Being solutions foster meaningful communications among care providers, support staff, and hospital leaders. We offer a streamlined way to connect with every team member so you can monitor and address well-being, identify safety and compliance concerns, provide motivation and recognition, and attract and retain the best talent. By implementing intuitive, data-driven staff rounding solutions, your frontline workers will be more engaged and have higher job satisfaction knowing that their concerns are being heard and acted upon.

Power Purposeful Conversations and Drive Actionable Insights

CipherHealth’s Staff Well-Being solutions facilitate:

Monitoring Staff Satisfaction

Review well-being, screen for PTSD, and recognize individuals for the extraordinary efforts they make every day.

Evaluating Skills and Identify Growth Opportunities

Utilize assessments to identify specific education, competency, and well-being needs for clinicians and extended support staff.

Supporting New Staff Training

Manage new hire onboarding and complete routine check-ins on how they are adjusting.

Conducting Regulatory and Environmental Safety Checks

Track compliance reviews, equipment audits, and disaster response planning.

What's the Real Cost of Staff Turnover?

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Choose CipherHealth’s digital engagement solutions to support frontline workers so they can focus on delivering the highest quality care for patients.

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