Care Insights

Care Insights allows you to quickly and precisely run calculations based on defined metrics and measures to reveal insights into gaps in care, population-specific trends, and outcomes.

Multi-System Integrations

Deep integrations with EMRs, HIEs, and claims data allow you to easily follow up, track, and analyze trends.

Data Aggregation

Easily capture data from multiple sources through any client data feed in addition to metrics reported directly from the patient.

Multi-Program Support

Support different grant and legislative programs at the same time, delivering care gaps insights requirements.

Real-time Progress Tracking

Track progress towards closing care gaps with real-time insight into your programs’ and care teams’ efforts.

Easy Patient Enrollment

Seamlessly set up rules-based enrollment or manually enroll patient groups into care plans or phone/ text outreach programs.

Advanced Reporting

Concretely code in your specific measures, tie them to desired outcomes, and report on them over time.

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