Product Update: Readmissions Dashboard for CipherOutreach

Check out our newest Readmissions dashboard, which is available on Evolve, CipherHealth’s web platform! Use this dashboard to understand how patient engagement and responses to outreach calls impact your organization’s readmission rates. You can use the insights from this dashboard to guide optimizations of your program and callback team’s workflows.


Below is a snapshot of what you will be able to see on the new dashboard:


Readmission rate of reached vs. unreached: Used to evaluate whether the readmission rate is impacted by patient engagement with the follow-up call.



Readmission rate by follow up time: Used to evaluate how follow-up timeliness affects readmission rates.



Readmission rate by issue: Used to determine if there are trends in your patient population’s likelihood of readmission based on their responses to the follow-up call.



Please work with your customer success manager to get access to this new dashboard. In order to access and use the dashboard, your organization will need to first send readmissions data for the CipherHealth team to upload.

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