Product Update: New Form for Support Requests

To ensure that your requests and questions are answered in the quickest and most efficient way possible, we built a new form directly into the EVOLVE website to save you time and clicks. After analyzing some of the most common questions and requests, we wanted to create a way that would improve the process in how you make a request, as well as how our team can respond to it.

Our new support request forms are available in the help menu – marked by the “?”, at the top right of your screen. By clicking on the various options such a “send feedback”, “user issue”, or “user invitation” a form that corresponds to each request will pop up and allow you to fill in the relevant information. For example, by clicking the “user issue” form, you will be asked to provide a description of the issue that you are experiencing, as well as the priority level for the issue. Each of the forms is designed to streamline and expedite a response to your request, helping you get your submission handled as quickly as possible.

The video below showcases how you can access and use the new support and request forms:

Please note: If you already send user invitation requests and change access requests to someone at your organization, you should continue to follow that process. The “change access” and “user invitation” forms are only applicable to organizations that do not manage these requests themselves.


For more information about this product or feature, we encourage you to reach out to your customer success manager or

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