Product Update: Boost Employee Engagement with Rewards!

“Staff satisfaction is impacted by many factors, but recognition is an essential component of a successful staff engagement strategy and promoting positive interactions between staff members and their patients.”

— Lisa Romano MSN RN, CipherHealth CNO


CipherHealth is delighted to announce that organizations can now seamlessly integrate rounding and recognition data directly into a staff rewards program. With the new Staff Recognition module, organizations will be able to track recognition data and reward their staff accordingly!


How it works:

  1. First things first! Let your Customer Success Manager and adam@cipherhealth know of your interest in the module. The CipherHealth product team will work with you on the module’s implementation and integration with gift card vendors like Amazon.
  2. Once the module has been configured, set a goal and track progress during a designated timeframe.
  3. Based on your goal, reward staff directly through the Evolve web platform with a congratulatory note and gift card.
  4. Once the reward has been gifted, you will be able to see the number of rewards and caregrams each employee has received within their Evolve user profile. Keep an eye on these recognitions to see who is frequently being recognized and what is being said.


If you’re interested in learning more about this module, please contact your Customer Success Manager and!

Ranked as the “Best Overall Patient Engagement Company” in MedTech's Breakthrough Awards for 2020, and the top-performing vendor for patient outreach and digital rounding by KLAS in 2019, CipherHealth is a proven technology partner committed to enhancing communication and coordination throughout the patient journey. CipherHealth’s suite of patient engagement software empowers healthcare organizations to foster meaningful connections to ensure the best possible outcomes for staff members, patients, and their loved ones.