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Epic® PowerUp: CipherHealth’s Pre-Care Solution, integrated and interoperable with your Epic EHR, reverses the trend of delayed and cancelled care.

Engaging patients before their appointments keeps them on track and actively involved in their own care. Automating your communications saves time, but unreliable solutions can mean patients are missing important messages. Even small communication gaps can quickly multiply, leading to skipped appointments and lost revenue.

CipherHealth’s unified patient engagement platform intelligently manages patient and staff communication, reliably delivering critical information to patients to keep your schedule full and improving outcomes. Our scalable solution integrates with Epic®, complementing your existing IT infrastructure and providing expanded services that grow with you as your patient engagement needs evolve.

Communication Management Across the Patient Journey

Gain an all-around view of your patients

Bring together patient engagement and clinical data for a more complete view of the patient, enabling clinicians to make more informed decisions.

Manage traffic control for patient communications

Integration with Epic helps you manage and funnel healthcare communication data from multiple sources while making it easier for you to access within your cloud-based data warehouse.

Improve workflows and staff satisfaction

Reduce administrative tasks enabling staff to manage their time more productively and focus on higher priority activities.

Reach patients at scale

Communicate with large patient populations using our flexible, multi-purpose solution that grows with you as your patient communications needs evolve.

CipherHealth’s integration with Epic streamlines IT investments, improves staff workflows, and saves patients time. See how one of our innovations works below:

Enhanced Appointment Reminders

Power Up your patient engagement initiatives with CipherHealth and Epic today.

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