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Say goodbye to preventable readmissions
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Stay in touch with patients via automated, condition-specific outreach to continue their care even after they head home. 
Screen High Risk Readmission Dash
Reduce avoidable readmissions​​
Proactively communicate with patients post-discharge to confirm adherence with patient care plans and address patient or caregiver questions before they escalate.
Optimize care team efficiency
Automate patient outreach communication efforts and leverage data risk analysis so healthcare providers can follow up with the highest priority patients.

Transform insights into action

Use patient data to generate reports and dashboards to evaluate program success and pinpoint areas for improvement.

Improve the patient experience

Understand the unique needs of every patient by actively involving them in the decision-making conversation about their own healthcare.

Personalize patient post-care communications

Send the right message via automation to the right patient at the right time, using the communication channel of their choice.

Improve patient satisfaction

Check in with your patients about their experience with their healthcare provider with automated surveys while they’re in your care.

Reduce readmissions, increase revenue and enhance the patient experience today

Intermountain Healthcare Achieved
$15M in savings by reducing readmissions through post-discharge follow-up

Preventing readmissions is what’s important to us, and we had just under $15M in savings with doing these post-discharge follow-up calls. We’re not spending near that amount to provide these services, and they are making a huge difference. It results in patient satisfaction, lower readmission rates, and it does have a significant financial impact in our healthcare organization.

Ben Becker, DNP, RN, NEA-BC

Director, Enterprise Care Management

Intermountain Healthcare

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Deploy the right post-visit or post-discharge communication modules to the right patient at the right time to maintain positive health outcomes.

Interacted with

8m People

nearly 2.5% of the US population

Engaged in nearly

25m Conversations
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Take the first step toward reaching your patient outreach and patient engagement goals today