Improved Patient Engagement Before, During, and After Visits

CipherHealth's enterprise platform empowers medical groups to drive higher practice performance by keeping patients engaged and coming back.

Technology for superior patient engagement and seamless care transitions

Point of Care Surveys

Appointment Reminders

Preventive Health Outreach

Preventive Health Outreach helps narrow gaps in care through high-touch, targeted reminder programs that engage patients due for routine screenings, immunizations, and wellness visits.

Appointment Reminders reduce no-show rates by seamlessly integrating with EMRs and scheduling systems to reach 100% of patients via customizable calls, texts, and emails.

Point of Care Surveys effectively gather patient data during visits to inform staff of potential improvement areas and enable timely service recovery to enhance the patient experience.

Patient Engagement Platform

From pre-visit to post-visit

Step 1

Patient receives a reminder call regarding his/her appointment, or an upcoming screening that is due.

Step 2

Point-of-care patient surveys provide real-time feedback of care and the patient experience.

Step 3

Using data from surveys and outreach programs, pinpoint opportunity areas to drive improvements.

ROI of Patient Follow-Up with Cipherhealth

In Your Practice or Surgery Center

Our proactive outreach solution allows you to effectively follow up with all your patients post-visit or post-surgery via automated calls or texts. Use the calculator below to find out how much you could be saving on patient follow-up with CipherHealth

*Calculations assume a Clinical Staff Hourly Rate of $40

Estimated Annual Patient Issues Your Organization Would Identify Through Automation


Your Estimated Annual Cost of Manual Follow-up Calls to Engage at Least 70% of Patients

$ 0

Using CipherHealth’s outreach technology to engage at least 70% Patients, your projected savings would be at least

$ 0

See how you can start saving!

Improve Patient Volume

Increase use of preventive care services and decrease patient no-show rates by scaling proactive outreach efforts.

Build Patient Loyalty

Enhance patient experiences and drive repeat visits by consistently adding meaningful interactions across care journeys.

Maximize Value-Based Care Incentives

Meet quality metrics and earn higher CAHPS scores by leveraging technology to engage more patients.

[CipherHealth] calls and point-of-care surveys helped us maximize staff time while improving the patient's experience

Dr. Louis J. Wilson

Physician and Founder Wichita Falls Gastroenterology Associates

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