To Those Building a Healthier Life for Everyone: Thank You

The last 15 months have been the hardest in memory for nurses across the country. That’s why this year, it’s more important than ever to recognize and support the nursing professionals who have not only weathered a once-in-a-lifetime crisis, but also done so with the grace and bravery so befitting their profession.

Gratitude and Recognition Have Helped Us Through the Hardest Year in Memory

From one nurse to another, a letter from Lisa Romano RN, MSN.

Early in the pandemic, my daughter and I watched in horror the news reports of COVID-19 and the rapidly escalating cases overwhelming hospitals in New York City. PPE was in short supply, little was known about how to treat this mysterious virus, and our nation was on lock down. My daughter was visibly upset and asked me, “What will happen, Mom, if the nurses can’t take care of all of these people who need help?”.

It took me a long time to answer her question. I was trying to respond in a way that would comfort her, but the truth is I didn’t know how the level of suffering and death that each of those nurses were witness to was sustainable. I also knew that the very people caring for the sick were equally as vulnerable. I worried about the physical and emotional health of each of those nurses and their loved ones.

I thought about my own experiences as a nurse and the many memories of patients who touched my life, trusting me to care for them. It is those hours, spent caring for others, that you learn how to process things happening around you and ways to cope during difficult times. You learn what truly matters and that helping others during the most difficult of times often requires drawing on an inner strength - one that is quiet, but a force to be reckoned with.

“They will find a way, Luci. When someone needs help, they help. Nothing makes a nurse stronger and more grateful for the knowledge they possess, than during a time of crisis and need. They step up and fight and if they don’t have the tools they need they will make them.”

And they did.

One unimaginable year later, I remain in awe of the courage, strength, and dedication demonstrated by Nurses around the world, as well as their brave defiance of seemingly impossible obstacles. I am humbled by the young nurses enrolling in nursing school and those nearing graduation knowing the challenges that await. They have helped frontline workers stay strong knowing help is on the way, and inspired experienced nurses to share all they learned to ensure these young nurses are equipped with the knowledge necessary to answer the call of those in need.

Nurses Week 2021 calls for celebration of courage and grace. It calls for recognition of heroic effort and sacrifice, and a salute to the resilience of Nurses. It is a time to share our gratitude and to care for the caregivers.

On behalf of CipherHealth, Thank you. The many sacrifices and struggles you have endured have truly made a difference in the lives of so many. You have honored the legacy of Ms. Nightingale with your unwavering commitment to the care of the sick and suffering, bringing hope and light during a time when it is most needed.

With gratitude,

Lisa Romano RN, MSN
Chief Nursing Officer

“I may be compelled to face danger, but never fear it, and while our soldiers can stand and fight, I can stand and feed and nurse them.”

- Clara Barton, Founder of the American Red Cross

“To do what nobody else will do... in a way that nobody else can spite of all we go through...that is to be a nurse.”

- Rawsi Williams, nurse and an attorney, with a focus on human rights

“For the sick, it is important to have the best.”

- Florence Nightingale

Honoring the Nurses That Go Above and Beyond Every Day

Nursing professionals don’t actively seek recognition for the work they do, but that doesn’t mean it goes unnoticed. We’ve combed through our Caregrams — staff recognition messages that highlight care providers that go above and beyond — and compiled some here that truly demonstrate how nurses have performed with dignity and compassion under unimaginable pressure.

“Thank you to my coworkers, L and R for going above and beyond and going to extreme measures to assist others when needed.”
“She does a great job as lead, communicates well with the team, steps in and helps out. She is not just a lead, but a great coworker. Even with her hardships at home recently she shows up well for staff. I really appreciate her as lead.”
“You were recognized for being very helpful during an intubation. You helped get the necessary items- great teamwork. She appreciates all you do. Thank you!”
“The son of the patient in room 100 recognized you for your attention and wrapping his dad in warm blankets‚ like a burrito‚ to keep him calm and rested. We all have a need to feel safe and although the patient is confused I'm sure that meant a lot to him and his son witnessed the dedication to his dad & care. Great job!”
“Your patient T would like to recognize you for the outstanding care you provide. He enjoys that you are able to discuss sports. He appreciates the amazing display of teamwork.”
“I have never been in the hospital before and the staff were amazing! I had to get a PICC line and was nervous and scared. The staff made me feel comfortable with what was happening and eased my anxiety and answered all my questions. I want to recognize all the staff who went the extra mile to make me feel at home and safe. Please let them all know how grateful I am for the excellent nursing care. They are an awesome team!”
“My coworker L - provided me the support I needed as a new employee and is always a great team player.”
“During associate rounds F recognized you for the support you have given her as a new grad on the unit. She mentioned that you always take the time to answer questions and help out as needed. Thank you for making a difference to our team members.”
“During our routine rounding W shouted you out for allowing her to shadow your collections process in the ED. Thanks for going the extra mile to help us out while you are picking up in the ED. Appreciate you! Thanks!”

Appreciation, Illustrated

It’s often the little things that make the biggest difference. A warm blanket, the few minutes to get to know someone, a smile (even behind a mask). This year, there have been many of them. Here’s what we’ve seen called out in Caregrams.

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