[Infographic] The Patient-Physician Relationship is More Important Than Ever Before

To ensure long-term, sustainable growth, health systems must prioritize building patient loyalty. The infographic below shows how systems can improve outcomes and keep patients in-network by using outreach to drive consistent, timely, and meaningful interactions with the providers patients know and trust – their physicians.

Want to dig deeper? Read this free whitepaper to learn how patient outreach can help health systems keep patients engaged, healthy, and coming back.

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Ben Kraus, Market Manager, is based in CipherHealth's headquarters in New York City. He focuses on issues concerning ambulatory care and alternative payment models, and has a special interest in how technology can spur the shift from volume to value in healthcare and enhance care coordination. In the wee hours of night, you just might find Ben jamming on stage with his bass guitar in one of the many music venues throughout the five boroughs.