COVID-19 Test Result Outreach Program

Immediate Communication of COVID-19 Test Results to Preserve Critical Staffing Resources and Prevent Further Community Exposure

In the coming weeks and months, the volume of COVID-19 tests will increase across various care settings, including hospitals, labs, and drive-through testing sites.

What’s needed to address the crisis?

As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds, quick communication of test results will be critical to minimizing the risk of community spread and assisting nationwide efforts to “flatten the curve”. Automation of test result communication has an immediate impact on the ability of clinical staff to provide direct patient care, as it frees them up from making calls to deliver test results so that they can attend to patients’ bedside needs.

In addition to our standardized COVID-19 outreach symptom screening program, CipherHealth has developed an automated outreach program that communicates results of patients tested for COVID-19, whether positive or negative. The program, based on CDC guidelines, was further validated by UCSF Health, a premier academic medical center. UCSF was one of the first health systems in the country to be impacted by COVID-19, and serves as a predictor to how other healthcare organizations might be impacted.

CipherHealth’s COVID-19 Test Result Outreach Program includes:

  • Automated phone and text outreach to patients that clearly communicates a positive or negative test result for COVID-19.

  • For patients who test positive: Standard information within the outreach call or text shares care instructions, contact information, and TeleMedicine alternatives, with the option to transfer patients directly to staff members for assistance.

  • For patients who test negative: These patients are directed to the healthcare facility’s website for continued education on how to prevent exposure.

As COVID-19 escalates in our communities, UCSF wants to ensure results are shared proactively with patients so they can take the necessary actions to protect themselves and minimize the risk of community spread. The use of automated calls and texts to provide test results allows us to share information quickly and preserve critical staffing resources.

Gina Intinarelli, PhD, MS, RN

VP of Population Health

UCSF Health

CipherHealth’s COVID-19 Test Result Outreach Program addresses all four essential actions declared by the World Health Organization (WHO) on March 11, 2020. These actions need to be implemented quickly and efficiently to control the spread of the virus and care for those affected:

Action 1. Prepare and Be Ready

As testing for COVID-19 becomes more available and the volume of testing increases, the need to communicate test results will remain critical and may overwhelm clinicians who are focused on direct patient care. With automated outreach, results can be communicated quickly, along with information directing patients to the appropriate resource for their situation.

Action 2. Detect, Protect, and Treat

By quickly communicating results, patients will have the information necessary to protect others and seek any necessary treatment. This is especially critical for positive patients, as they will need to quarantine as quickly as possible to reduce transmission.

Action 3. Reduce Transmission

Patients who have tested positive will be directed to TeleMedicine resources as appropriate and instructed on self-quarantine measures. Preservation of vital staff resources will be further supported through our outreach program, as website links and phone numbers to the organization’s COVID-19 call centers can be made available.

Action 4. Innovate and Learn

CipherHealth’s reporting platform, CipherInsights, provides essential data on the number of patients who received or engaged with a testing outreach call. For those testing positive, essential documentation pertaining to results of further screening and care instructions will provide the organization with the ability to continually monitor patients and refine future Emergency Preparedness needs.

For more information about our COVID-19 Test Result Outreach Program, please email

COVID-19 Test Result Outreach Program is an efficient and scalable way to keep your resources focused on where they’re most needed — bedside care. As the number of patients in need of inpatient care surges, healthcare resources will be further strained. Reducing dependence on clinical staff to manually call patients with COVID-19 test results will be an essential strategy to avoid delays in communicating results that could negatively impact follow-up care.”

Lisa Romano MSN, RN

Chief Nursing Officer