COVID-19 Screening Outreach Program

Automating Coronavirus (COVID-19) Screening to Minimize Community Risk of Exposure, Direct Patients to Appropriate Care Settings, and Collect Essential Data for Reporting and Future Planning

CipherHealth’s decade of expertise with effective and clinically-vetted patient outreach allowed for rapid response with immediate deployment of a standardized COVID-19 Screening Outreach Program. This program was based on CDC guidelines and further validated by a premier academic medical center who was one of the first to be impacted by COVID-19.

Proactive, automated outreach is an essential tool to screen patients who may be at risk of spreading Coronavirus (COVID-19) using:

  • Standardized screening questions that follow CDC recommendations via phone and text outreach allow for quick implementation with meaningful data capture and real-time dashboard view providing an actionable “situation summary”.

  • Immediate escalation of symptomatic patients to a care team member to reschedule procedures, further screen identified symptoms, and determine necessary treatment options such as TeleMedicine Consult, care in the home, or Emergency Room care.

  • “Pushing” patients and other community members to a healthcare facility’s website or other communication source that reflects up-to-date information on where to seek care and how to prevent the spread of the virus.

  • Quick implementation with meaningful data capture specific to the number of patients screened and symptomatic, as well as reporting of escalation of those needing further care instructions and/or rescheduling of procedures.

“UCSF needed a way to reach thousands of patients to assess for coronavirus exposure. The ability to use an automated, interactive phone call outreach system enabled us to not only alert patients, but also quickly identify which ones needed to speak directly to our care teams.”

Gina Intinarelli, PhD, MS, RN

VP of Population Health

UCSF Health

On March 11, 2020, The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the COVID-19 outbreak to be a “pandemic”. The WHO Director General, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, listed four essential actions that healthcare providers and communities must immediately take.

CipherHealth’s COVID-19 Screening Outreach Program addresses all four essential actions that need to be implemented quickly and efficiently to control the spread of the virus and care for those affected.

Action 1. Prepare and Be Ready

Now is the time to ensure that any members of the community with scheduled elective care are screened and provided with information on where to seek treatment for COVID-19.

CipherHealth Helps You Prepare: Our COVID-19 Screening Outreach Program is proactive and automated to ensure that more members of the community are “reached” while preserving essential clinical resources for direct patient care and prioritizing efforts on those screenings that suggest infection may be present.

Action 2. Detect, Protect, and Treat

Mass communication is necessary during a global pandemic. Screening is critical and must be user-friendly, clinically relevant, and up to date — while providing essential data to ensure appropriate deployment of resources.

CipherHealth Helps You Detect: Our COVID-19 Screening Outreach Program can be deployed en masse via automated phone call or text message while “pushing” the recipient to the appropriate website for further information or remote TeleMedicine Consult with a provider.

Action 3. Reduce Transmission

An effective screening program will prevent exposure of pre-hospital personnel and hospital workers, and focus clinical staff on direct care of those infected with the virus rather than on administrative tasks and other preventive care that can occur once the virus has been controlled.

CipherHealth Helps You Reduce Transmission: We provide a consolidated list of patients who have been screened and are experiencing symptoms. Clinical staff can speak directly with those “triaged” patients and reschedule elective procedures and/or tests, as well as provide information on where to seek care if necessary or how to self-manage in their home. Preservation of vital staff resources will be further supported, as our screening outreach includes website links and phone numbers to the organizations’ COVID-19 call centers as appropriate.

Action 4. Innovate and Learn

We are learning more every day about the care of patients with COVID-19 and ways to prevent transmission. Data is, and will be even more, essential over the coming months. Understanding the numbers of symptomatic patients screened, procedures and tests that have been scheduled or rescheduled, and care locations will help providers ensure a safe and effective COVID-19 response. This data and subsequent learnings of what worked and didn’t work will also be critical to the design of future Emergency Preparedness programs.

CipherHealth Helps You Innovate and Learn: CipherInsights provides essential data on the number of patients who received or engaged with a call, as well as those patients who answered screening questions that required a call-back from a clinician. For those “escalated” calls, essential documentation pertaining to results of further screening and care instructions will provide the organization with the ability to continually refine and prepare for future Emergency Preparedness needs.

For more information about our COVID-19 Screening Outreach Program, please email