How to Adapt Your Rounding Program During the COVID-19 Crisis

Why Rounding is Essential During the COVID-19 Crisis

Rounding is and always should be an essential part of hospital functions. During this challenging time, CipherHealth is supporting patient, staff, and location rounding efforts to help address needs as they evolve during the COVID-19 pandemic.

By exhibiting leadership through rounding, there are many ways to bring empathy and hope, while still addressing care gap needs. Location rounding, in particular, is going to be an essential need for the next 12 - 18 months, as hospitals work to meet surge demand by assessing and deploying their current stock of PPE and other essential supplies. Rounding actions should never be deprioritized. Thank you to our healthcare workers for your heroic and dedicated work during this difficult time.

Lisa Romano MSN, RN

Chief Nursing Officer


New Rounding Approaches in the Time of COVID-19

The following are some ways our partners have changed their rounding approaches. Whether you’re currently using CipherRounds, a different rounding tool, or pen and paper, we hope these tips help your community and staff members adapt.

Telephone Rounding to Minimize Risk of Exposure

With stringent precautions in place to limit visitors, as well as the volume of staff going in and out of patient rooms, hospitals are facing a new challenge in patients feeling more socially isolated. If feasible, calling patients on hospital phones can help connect with patients while maintaining infection control policies and preserving PPE. As with all rounding, the calls should be purposeful and focus on proactive issue resolution and personal connection, something especially important for combating social isolation.

Round on Locations for Infection Control Audits and Surge Preparedness

Regular audits help ensure all infection control procedures and policies are in place, as well as confirm surge areas are prepared and stocked. Rounds can enforce Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) policies and preservation, audit surge and overflow areas, and ensure infection prevention and control policies are followed. If you use CipherRounds, you can contact your Customer Success Manager to implement these scripts.

Support Staff Morale and Engagement

Hospital team members are extremely concerned about their own well-being, as well as that of their patients and families during this time. Connect with staff members one-on-one to listen and address their concerns, review COVID-19 policy changes, and share what the hospital can do to support them. If you currently have a staff rounding script through CipherRounds, you can use the tool to keep staff members informed and conduct regular audits to ensure they understand any new guidelines or policy changes, such as those related to sick-leave or visitor policies.

Keep Track of Visitor Policy

One common change we’ve seen across many organizations has been to visitor policies, from limiting the number of visitors to screening everyone who comes into the hospital. Although these policy changes may be difficult to make, they are necessary for keeping patients and staff safe. Through the CipherRounds application, rounders are tracking which patients have visitors present by adding visitor flags.

Thank You for Keeping Us Safe

On behalf of the CipherHealth team, we thank all of the healthcare workers for their incredible dedication during this unprecedented healthcare crisis. We want you to know that our team knows what you’re going through and is here to assist. If you would like help implementing any of these tactics, or have any of your own practices that you’d like to share, please contact us or email