COVID-19 Outreach and Communication Programs

Use Technology to Minimize Spread and Preserve Staff Resources

As healthcare organizations focus on the containment and mitigation of COVID-19, CipherHealth is partnering with our clients to provide automated technology that helps screen, educate, and communicate with patients en-masse — while protecting and preserving critical resources for direct patient care.

Screening Outreach

Reach out to patients telephonically or via text to screen them for COVID-19 symptoms prior to their scheduled appointment or procedures.

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Test Result Outreach

Communicate COVID-19 test results immediately with automated phone and text outreach to ensure continuity of care and minimize the risk of community exposure.

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Patient, Location, and Staff Rounding

Learn why rounding is more essential than ever during the COVID-19 crisis - and how hospitals are adapting their approaches for patient, location, and staff rounding.

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“UCSF needed a way to reach thousands of patients to assess for coronavirus exposure. The ability to use an automated, interactive phone call outreach system enabled us to not only alert patients, but also quickly identify which ones needed to speak directly to our care teams.”

Gina Intinarelli, PhD, MS, RN

VP of Population Health

UCSF Health

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