Tips & Tricks: Save Filters on CipherInsights Dashboards

When you select filters on any CipherInsights Dashboard, those filters can then be saved so that you do not need to re-select when navigating back to the desired dashboards. For example, a leader of a particular unit can save filters so that the dashboards will only display that unit’s data the next time he or she logs in.

Once you have your desired filters set, click the “Apply” button in order for filters to save.

Clearing Filters
In order to clear filters, users can un-check the relevant filter selection manually, or click the “x” next to the filter, and click “Apply”.

To clear all filters at once, users can select “clear all filters” on the top righthand corner of their dashboard.

Resetting Filters
The “Reset Filters” button, located near the “Apply” and “Cancel” buttons resets to filters that were in place when the dashboard was first opened. This means that if there were saved filters in place already, “Reset Filters” brings back those saved filters.

An Exception for Date Filters
Date range & date aggregation are the only filters that do not save automatically. The date range defaults to 7 days and aggregation to “days”.



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