Why “The Pentaho Excellence Award for Social Impact” is more than an award

CipherHealth is excited to announce that we have recently been given the “Pentaho Excellence Award for Social Impact”. Pentaho is a business analytics and integration platform used to primarily turn data into actionable insights. Out of hundreds of companies Pentaho works with, they singled out CipherHealth as the company making the greatest social change while using their data platform.

CipherHealth’s technology allows for better communication between patients and their providers; before, during, and after their care visits. By collecting data in streamlined ways, either through CipherRounds, CipherHealth’s digital rounding solution, or CipherOutreach, their automated outreach platform, providers are able to focus their time on helping patients by improving outcomes and experiences.

“It’s really heartening to be given this award, because it highlights the reason I joined CipherHealth in the first place”, stated Tetiana Nosach, Data Scientist and Product Manager at CipherHealth. “We’re really working to make healthcare easier and more approachable, and everyone benefits from that.”

With Pentaho, CipherHealth has prevented over $1.1B in unnecessary visits to the hospital, reduced hospital readmissions by tens of thousands of patients, and helped healthcare providers save thousands of lives.

However, it’s not just about the statistics. “On the data end at any company, it can be easy to forget that the numbers on a report or spreadsheet are real lives”, stated Zach Silverzweig, co-founder of CipherHealth. “But here, we are very aware that these numbers are people with loved ones and responsibilities and passions. Our teams are very intertwined for this reason. We’ve ensured that you can’t forget who you’re serving.”

This commitment to people and the value of care is seen at CipherHealth every day. The quality of reporting, the top-rated client support, and the stories that have brought people to CipherHealth are testament to how we’re always going a step further for the people that save lives.

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Since 2009, CipherHealth has been innovating and delivering products to help care providers effectively and efficiently provide quality of care for their patients.  By harnessing technology to improve patient outcomes and experiences, CipherHealth and its suite of products focus on the evolution of patient care.  CipherHealth is based in New York City and was named “Best Place to Work in Healthcare” by Modern Healthcare (2016).

CipherHealth empowers providers across the care continuum to deliver enhanced patient experiences and communications through a modular, comprehensive patient engagement technology platform.