Why the 4 P’s Matter to Me

On my recent trip home for the holidays, I was answering the typical questions regarding life, relationships, jobs, etc. While my siblings and cousins were not thrilled to answer these questions, I was more than happy to talk about my job and what I do. I started to explain some of our products, and when I began to tell my mom about our rounding tool, Orchid, she stopped me.

She stopped me when I said, “Rounding is when nurses come in to check on you regularly and hopefully a nurse leader will also come in at least once during your stay to see how things are going.” My mom asked if this was a best practice and I said “Yes, why?”

My mom explained that during her recent trip to a prestigious hospital in one of the nation’s most renowned medical centers, she was never asked any questions during her stay, never met a nurse leader, and only saw nurses when they came to check her vitals and hurriedly entered the information into the computer. She said that when she pressed the call light due to nausea, and even called the floor to ask for a nurse, no one came.

This story hit home because my mother could have been one of the many patients who falls or receives a urinary tract infection caused by a catheter all due to a floor nurse not rounding and asking four simple questions. While I sympathize with nurses who have incredibly taxing workloads and care for countless patients, I can’t help but wonder whether or not hospital leaders knew or cared that my mom was never asked one of the four P’s.

This interaction that occurred during the typical holiday rounds of questions, reminded me why I wake up wanting to come to work everyday. It reinforced the idea that our products not only help shorten patient stays, improve experiences, and keep patients safe, but that they also shed light on some of the issues that hospitals may not even know they have.  While I cannot be the one who cares for patients directly, I can help empower those who do with the tools necessary to evoke positive change.

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