What does nurse satisfaction mean? And why we care.

Employee satisfaction is an increasingly important aspect in company operations across the world. It has been argued that happy employees are more productive and have better outcomes than those who are unhappy with their work. In most companies this means an increase in revenue, more sales, and more profits, but in a hospital this can mean the difference in the health, wellness, and experience of an entire patient population.

Within a hospital, employees can have a direct impact on the outcome of a patient. This is especially true for nurses who spend the most time with patients in the hospital. If the argument holds true that happier staff members are more productive, what would it mean to have happier nurses? We believe that happier hospital staff can lead to more satisfied patients and overall better outcomes. In order to understand what might influence nurse satisfaction, it is valuable to understand what makes employees happy across a variety of industries.

When we think of what leads to employee happiness, is it something tangible like benefits, pay, or bonuses? Or is it less tangible like culture, accountability, or autonomy? Forbes argues that while perks and monetary benefits matter, practices such as creating a sense of ownership and keeping employees informed are even more valuable.

In a hospital, some of these intangible values, such as ownership, might be easier to achieve because staff members see the effect of their work in real time, during the patient’s visit. However, keeping employees informed could prove to be more challenging due to the spectrum of schedules and tasks of different staff members. The first step to achieving a happier staff is understanding exactly what it is they value and ensuring those needs are met. Each hospital, unit, and nurse may correlate their job satisfaction and happiness to a variety of different attributes, but that does not mean each team should not try and see what will work. The answer to what will make for happier nurses lies in asking the nurses themselves, and empowering them to make changes necessary to do their jobs as effectively as possible.

Through our experience in hospitals across the country, we have uncovered that by making improvements to workflow and accountability nurses are happier with everyday tasks. As a company dedicated to providing easy-to-use and valuable technologies to hospitals across the country, we strive to create products that enable positive transformations. We are always asking what it means for nurses to be satisfied, whether it’s giving them more time with patients through workflow improvements or providing accountability and positive communication among units.

We ask these questions because we know that when nurses are enabled and more satisfied with their jobs that the quality of care also improves. Improving outcomes and experiences of patients starts with staff satisfaction, and improving staff satisfaction starts with finding ways to make work easier, effective, and more enjoyable.

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