Webinar Recap: Addressing Barriers to Engaging the Medicaid Population

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As preferred vendors for the Association for Community Affiliated Plans (ACAP), we were thrilled to have the opportunity to present a webinar on “Addressing Barriers to Effectively Engage the Medicaid Population Throughout the Member Lifecycle.”

During the webinar, Shawn Lemerise, Executive Vice President and Managing Partner for CipherHealth highlighted how CipherHealth’s integrated suite of engagement technologies are poised to help health plans engage members throughout their entire care journey. With customized call, text, and email programs coupled with recorded care instructions and a care management platform, there are many ways health plans can leverage solutions like CipherHealth to drive organization-wide improvements.

Katie Kuchar, Vice President Government Payer Strategy for CipherHealth, further elaborated on the challenges plans have in engaging the Medicaid population. Despite income, complex health conditions, housing, and education all providing challenges for engagement, the population is still willing to be active participants in their care. Upon analyzing millions of patient interactions via CipherHealth’s outreach platform, CipherOutreach, it is seen that Medicaid patients are nearly as engaged as other patients.

Elaborating upon the ability to engage Medicaid members, Jordan Swift, Vice President of Payer Business Development at CipherHealth, discussed how plans can deploy many outreach programs to drive improvements. Plans can engage with their members through new member enrollment, proactive outreach, reactive outreach, chronic care management, and quality programs. Swift and Kuchar highlighted the importance of understanding member, community, and health plan maturity to best identify the type of engagement programs that would be most effective.

Although there are many barriers to engaging Medicaid members, there are many opportunities to reach out to and connect with this population throughout their lifecycle. To hear more, access the webinar, and read on to see how CipherHealth can work with you to develop and implement an effective member engagement program.


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