CipherOutreach in Action: Keeping a new mom and her baby safe

By following up with 100% of patients post-discharge, CipherOutreach helps care providers identify and prevent potential adverse events. The real-life story below is from a nurse at one of our client hospitals. It demonstrates how this outreach directly impacted a new mother and her child. This is just one of the many ways we are aiming to positively improve the lives and experiences of patients, their care givers, and care providers.

A CipherOutreach call reached a new mom and signaled an alert to the nursing staff of the OB department. When the nurse followed up on the alert, the patient was tearful and said she thought she had postpartum depression. Her main concern was was her fear that she was going to harm her baby. After talking with the patient a bit more, the nurse asked her if she was getting enough sleep and eating regularly. When the patient said no, the nurse took the next step and located the new mother’s doctor. Her doctor gave the patient local resources that could help her with the transition.

The nurse and the patient’s doctor were able to address the concerns of the mother while ensuring that she and her baby were safe. They were also able to provide the resources to help her continue dealing with her postpartum depression, and in turn helped make sure the patient was receiving the care and attention necessary to avoid potentially dangerous events.

A simple follow-up call not only gave the mother the reassurance and support needed, but also gave the hospital the opportunity to review its postpartum education processes. Together with their CipherHealth account strategist, they worked to develop a best-practice strategy to make sure these types of issues could be avoided in the future.

For more information on following up with OB patients, download our guide on following up with new moms.

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