CipherOutreach and the HRRP (Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program)


The HRRP is one of the new financial incentives and penalties, whose purpose is to encourage hospitals to reduce excessive readmissions. The penalties only consider patients with unplanned readmissions after 30-days post discharge.

This incentive structure is forcing hospitals to reevaluate the way patients are educated about how to best care for themselves after they return home from the hospital. This also gives hospitals to seek solutions to following up with patients after they leave the hospital.

CipherOutreach provides a solution that enables hospitals to follow up with patients post-discharge and address any issues that might lead to an unnecessary readmission.This not only helps to provide better care across the continuum, but also helps to avoid penalties.

The CMMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) projects that during fiscal year 2014, 2,225 hospitals will incur penalties amounting to $227 million. Finding solutions to reduce patient readmissions is increasingly becoming something hospitals cannot ignore. These penalties are also published for the public, and are a detriment to a hospital’s reputation, as well as bottom line.

Readmission reduction programs do not have to be a massive expense for hospitals and using tools such as Voice can drastically improve readmission numbers in a relatively short period of time. Reaching 100% of patients post-discharge gives hospital staff data and insight into when and how they should be intervening– and when readmissions are likely unavoidable.

Helping patient’s avoid readmission is the right thing for hospitals and patients alike. Follow-up with patients is proving to be the best way to identify and help patients who may be readmitting to the hospital. An issue with this is the amount of time it can take to identify these patients. Nurses and call centers alike struggle with reaching all of the patients discharged from their hospitals. Patients unreached by follow-up are almost as likely to return to the hospital as those who identify as feeling worse. Post-discharge follow-up is extremely important to ensuring patients can avoid returning to the hospital.

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