Using Technology for Tailored Patient Engagement

Effectively engaging patients and their families in care is a proven method of increasing compliance, outcomes, and satisfaction. The challenge for healthcare providers is engaging patients in ways that create meaningful interactions capable of delivering positive results. When it comes to effectively engaging patients, most often it comes down to communicating with in the right way, at the right time.

Additionally, as value-based care models continue to change, patient engagement will play an increasingly important role. In order to improve the quality and quantity of patient touchpoints both inside and outside of a care facility, providers need to implement proven methods of engagement that drive improvements and consistently meet KPIs. With the majority of resources focused on in-facility patient interactions, providers must find ways of effectively engaging patients post-discharge without adding additional FTEs. They will need solutions and programs that engage patients in the following ways:

  • Communicate with patients in their preferred language
  • Use the right modality of engagement
  • Personalize communication to the patient’s DRG and care program

Achieving success is challenging because the process for this type of engagement is resource-consuming. By using technology such as CipherHealth’s Post-Discharge Follow Up or Preventive Outreach, tailored outreach can be streamlined to help close the loop on patient issues and achieve positive results.

By customizing outreach by language, modality, and DRG, it is easier to send tailored messages to patients that monitor status, encourages compliance, and alerts providers to potential issues. By asking tailored DRG-specific or care program-related questions, providers can gather relevant information and prevent adverse events before they occur.

Providing outreach via the appropriate modality (call, texts or emails) and the right language will increase patient’s likelihood of engagement, driving further results. With a higher-volume of engaged patients and a streamlined approach to follow up, your organization will be able to meet KPIs such as lowered readmission rates or increased preventive screenings.

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