Transforming the Way Surgery Centers Engage with Patients

Transforming The Way Ascs Engage With Patients E1513957596810

Patient engagement is a significant component of clinical success in ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs). Outreach can be used to reduce no-shows, collect important patient information, reduce the likelihood of complications, and avoid preventable readmissions.

In a recent press release, Manhattan Endoscopy Center (MEC) highlights how they teamed up with CipherHealth to optimize their patient outreach process. Prior to teaming up with CipherHealth, the Manhattan-based endoscopy center once used RNs to make pre- and post-procedure calls to patients. However, with a growing volume of 15,000-16,000 procedures annually, the organization looked for ways to optimize patient outreach.

Using CipherHealth’s patient outreach solution, CipherOutreach, MEC is able to quickly identify and triage patient issues to the appropriate staff members in real-time. By leveraging CipherOutreach as the initial mode for outreach, MEC is able to leverage their staff time more efficiently, while still ensuring timely resolution.

The program is utilized to capture patient needs and is fully customizable to meet the goals of improving patient flow and engagement while lowering costs. For MEC, the program allows for quick issue resolution through pre-op and post-op calls that help confirm appointments and educate patients, among other key program goals.

Read on to see how your ambulatory surgery center can use CipherHealth’s patient engagement solutions to engage with high patient volumes efficiently.


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