Three Reasons to Use a Digital Rounding Tool

Rounding is arguably one of the most important functions in a hospital. Whether it is unit, nurse manager, IT, or hourly rounding, it helps to understand what is working well in the hospital or if there might be an issue that needs to be addressed. In most cases, if rounds are completed they are done on pen and paper, questions vary, and the responses are rarely collected and recorded.

There are a variety of benefits to moving off of pen and paper. For example, e-rounding increases patient and staff satisfaction, improves outcomes, and streamlines workflow across departments.

Here we’ll focus on three key benefits: consistency, accountability, and data collection.


Rounding is more than checking on patients and asking if they’re okay. Rounding scripts are based on proven best practice questions that get to the heart of issues while making patients feel good about the care they’re receiving. Digital rounding ensures that rounds are happening consistently and effectively. Rather than searching for the right file or shuffling through papers, staff has access to the appropriate script with a few taps. Furthermore, when each staff member asks the same questions, it’s easier to spot trends.


There’s a satisfaction rounding initiative at your hospital. You’ve given staff the scripts they need and a place to record answers. You’ve made it clear to all departments that issue resolution timeliness is a priority. Ready. Set. Go. Now what? Are rounds happening on the agreed upon schedule? Is staff asking all questions in the script? Are issues being resolved quickly? With pen and paper, it’s nearly impossible to determine how staff is carrying out its rounding duties. E-rounding documents each interaction and issue resolution, adding a level of accountability that extends across the hospital at a granular level.

Data Collection

Collecting data is one of the best things a hospital can do. Data provides insights into hospital operations and gives meaning to improvement initiatives. By collecting data through rounds, hospitals can better understand what happens during a patient stay and then identify insights and trends.

A digital rounding tool can make an everyday occurrence more meaningful and effective. The added benefits of collecting data and holding staff accountable help to improve both the patient experience and transparency within the hospital.

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