Three Quick Tips for Successful Patient Rounding

To understand and improve care services, organizations must leverage each touchpoint with patients. Rounding on patients, a key point of engagement, provides the information necessary for quick issue resolution and long-term service improvements. Below, we’ve listed three simple tips for successful rounding.

1. Round on every patient. Give every patient the opportunity to bring up concerns, questions, or issues that nurse leaders or managers can answer on the spot.

2. Resolve patient issues quickly. Issue resolution is the #1 driver of the patient experience (and subsequent overall HCAHPS results). Utilize automatic alerts that can be sent to other departments in real time so that care staff does not have to interrupt their rounds to send an alert. Notify the care staff when the issue has been resolved.

“Wow” your patients with real-time issue notification and quick resolution.

3. Use rounding data to drive improvements. According to the University Health Consortium, data collection and analytics allow hospital executives and stakeholders to address common patient concerns and issues before they arise. In other words, be proactive and not reactive based on the results of the data you collect.

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As Demand Generation Manager, Lucia Huang, RN, integrates her previous experiences on the front lines of patient care within the broader context of the business of healthcare. She is passionate about empowering nurses to provide the highest quality and experience of patient care through technology. Lucia graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a BS in Economics from the Wharton School and a BSN from the School of Nursing.