The Presidential Race & The Future of American Healthcare

Americans will soon come together for another landmark presidential election. The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), one of the most heavily debated topics during Obama’s presidency and between the current candidates, is worth paying attention to. Healthcare spending consists of 17% of the GDP, so before you make your vote, please consider each candidate’s goals* for improving upon what both consider to be a system that needs work:

Background: The major thrust behind the Affordable Care Act, signed into law in March 2010,   was to reduce the cost curve for the federal government and expand health care insurance coverage. Among other things, these goals required health care system reforms that included reforms in Medicare, expanding Medicaid in states and implementing health care exchanges.


  • Wants to build on Obamacare by expanding tax credits for people shopping on the individual marketplaces
  • Would let Americans buy into Medicare at a younger age
  • Wants to add a “public option” or a government-run insurance plan to compete w/ private insurers on the exchanges.
  • Wants to propose reducing Americans’ out-of-pocket expenses outside their private insurance by offering a new refundable tax credit.
  • Wants to give states more federal funding to expand Medicaid for low-income people.

What healthcare experts think:

  • Republican states that initially objected to a plan so closely identified with Obama might be willing to expand Medicaid after Obama leaves office.


  • Wants to get rid of individual exchanges, a system where Americans shop online for coverage
  • Plans on setting up tax-free health savings account for people with high-deductible insurance plans
  • Wants to set up state-based high-risk pools for people who can’t easily get coverage due to medical conditions
  • Wants to allow companies to sell insurance across state lines to boost competition and drive down prices
  • Plan includes refundable tax credit to help Americans buy individual plans
  • Wants to limit federal funding by switching to pre-set block gains in order to change Medicaid funding.

What healthcare experts think:

  • Skeptical that selling insurance across state lines would do much to reign in health insurance costs
  • Congress probably won’t accept a proposal that threatens to take away health insurance for 20 million people

To find out more about the opinions of Clinton and Trump regarding other important healthcare issues, click here. Although healthcare is often seen as a bipartisan issue, there is no doubt that better healthcare is a priority for all. We hope that the next president will do his/her best to fight for and implement policies that keep American residents healthy and well. Happy Voting from CipherHealth!

Clinton, Trump pick up big wins

*This information has been taken from a Reuters article.

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