The Intersection of Personalized Medicine and Population Health: Perspectives from a CNO and CMO

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With the healthcare industry’s shift towards value-based care, population health has become an increasingly high priority for healthcare systems across the care continuum. At its core, the practice of medicine is focused on individualizing care for each unique patient. In the era of population health, healthcare systems need to fully integrate the goals of population health and personalized medicine in order to achieve the triple aim of healthcare: enhancing the experience of care for individuals, improving the health of populations, and reducing the per capita cost of healthcare.

In a recent article published by Becker’s Hospital Review, CipherHealth’s Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) Lisa Romano, RN, MSN, and Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Brad Miller, MD, MBA share their clinical and operational expertise to discuss the interplay of priorities between personalized medicine and population health.

Optimizing population health outcomes requires the streamlined care coordination of interdisciplinary teams and effective management of valuable labor resources in order to deliver the right care, in the right place, by the right person. Technology plays a critical role as healthcare systems navigate the constellation of complex value-based models in today’s regulatory environment. By distilling the overwhelming volume of disparate data points into actionable insights, technology empowers healthcare providers to scale population health initiatives.

Understanding the relationship between personalized medicine and population health is key for healthcare organizations to deliver the highest quality of data-driven, patient-centered care. Every patient encounter represents an opportunity to personalize care processes and streamline patient experiences. As Romano and Miller outline, long-term success depends on clinical and resource alignment. Learn how CipherHealth empowers multidisciplinary teams across the care continuum to effectively coordinate care for complex populations and manage high patient volumes.


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