The Importance of Staff Rounding in Improving Patient Satisfaction Scores

Improving patient satisfaction scores is a challenge many providers are facing. Due to changing regulations and a focus on value-based care, healthcare providers are financially obligated to ensure patients have a great experience while receiving care. In a webinar sponsored by HealthStream, Barb Davis, VP of Accounts at CipherHealth, spoke alongside Ryan Graves, Director of Patient Experience at United Regional Health Care System, about the importance of improving patient satisfaction and strategies that effectively raise scores.

During the webinar, three main topics emerged:

  • Patient satisfaction and how it relates to staff interaction
  • How staff rounding fits into providers patient experience strategy
  • The benefits of using technology to increase satisfaction

Davis spoke about how much staff actions impact patient perceptions of care. Patients interact with many staff members during their stays, and each interaction can great affect how patient perceive their care. “[Patients] need to know that each interaction counts, they need to know that each touchpoint is effective.” Said Davis. The culture organizations need to move from is asking “What’s the matter with our patients?” to “What matters to our patients”.

Davis goes on to explain the challenges provides experience when trying to keep staff members accountable during these culture shifts. One strategy is through behavior or shadow staff rounding. It is the process in which managers and leaders shadow staff members and identify teachable moments such as filling in the whiteboard or properly introducing themselves to the patient.

This is the strategy Graves implemented at United Regional Health Care System. Graves elaborates on the challenges United Regional had in improving HCAHPS scores, “Our service bundle was born out of a need to find a way to improve our HCAHPS rankings. We were putting so much effort and time and energy into improving our patient experience, and when we look at our HCAHPS ratings, they are just not showing us the results we want to see for the amount of effort we are putting in.”

Graves goes on to explain how United Regional utilized shadow rounding with CipherRounds to ensure all service bundle tasks were completed. The staff rounds showcased the organization’s commitment to improving patient satisfaction and helped highlight the importance of positive interactions with patients.

As a result of the program, United Regional’s HCAHPS saw dramatic increases. For one Med/Surg unit, HCAHPS for Overall Ranking moved from the 52 percentile to the 91st. With the data gathered from the rounds, United Regional was able to pinpoint opportunity areas and proactively resolve issues. To listen to the full recording, click here.

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