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The Benefits of CipherKiosk for Improving Patient Satisfaction

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Patient satisfaction is an increasingly important aspect of healthcare. Patient experiences dictate a facility’s reviews, referrals, and CAHPS scores. This has a huge impact on the bottom line for clinics, hospitals, and physicians alike; however, most methods for collecting and interpreting patient perceptions is limited and lacks the feedback necessary to take action and make improvements.

The best way to get patient feedback is to collect it at a convenient time for the patient. Patients are unlikely to respond to mail, email, or even text surveys after they leave their appointments, and inconvenience is the main reason only 10% of patients have filled out CGCAHPS for their physicians. This is where a solution such as CipherKiosk offers immense benefit for improving patient satisfaction.

Collecting Feedback From Most of Your Patients

For a physician practice or clinic, patients are coming for an appointment and then leaving with set actions to take. During their appointments, they will interact with various office staff members, spend time in the waiting room, and see a clinician for diagnosis or treatment. Each of these interactions can greatly impact patient experiences and satisfaction scores. However, understanding where to make improvements starts with asking patients the right questions at the right time.

During or after patient appointments, CipherKiosk, which can be used with a handheld tablet or free standing kiosk, provides an intuitive survey platform for patients to engage with. By surveying patients at the point of care, providers greatly increase the amount of feedback they receive. This provides a clear picture of patient satisfaction and can pinpoint opportunity areas for improvement.

Driving Lasting Patient Satisfaction Improvements with CipherKiosk

By collecting satisfaction data from the majority of patients, leadership can clearly see emerging trends, test new programs, and overlay CipherKiosk data with CAHPS results. These benefits give flexibility and transparency to patient processes and can greatly increase patient experiences in the short and long term.

Acting upon CipherKiosk’s robust data sets will showcase how changes in office layout, communication, or staff impact patient experiences and satisfaction scores. Creating better experiences for patients will also help improve staff member satisfaction and make the process of seeing patients a more pleasant experience for everyone involved.


With the need for improving patient satisfaction continuously rising, practices, clinics, and other healthcare providers must find effective ways of gathering and acting upon patient feedback. Implementing a solution such as CipherKiosk offers ease-of-use, standardization, and transparency to a typically chaotic and sporadic process. By collecting satisfaction data from the majority of patients at the point of care, providers can identify and act upon trends to drive lasting improvements and save millions through financial incentives, referrals, and more.

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