The Benefits of Following Up with OB Patients

Following up with new moms is essential to ensuring both the mother and her baby are safe, healthy, and happy. It is also a proven method of ensuring they have a quality experience with the hospital. It is no secret that post-discharge follow up is a crucial component to any care transition, but it is arguably more important for new moms because it directly impacts their children. In addition to safety improvements, some of the additional benefits of following up with new moms include:

Establishing trust 

Throughout a pregnancy, a new mom will have many visits to ensure her baby is healthy. Postpartum, she will be visiting less frequently and with a new child will have just as many, if not more questions than before. When hospitals take the time to regularly check in on new moms and their babies, they are clearly indicating their dedication to answering questions and addressing concerns that ensure the safety of the child and the parents.

Enhancing the quality of care

With proper post-discharge follow up, hospitals can collect valuable pieces of information. When this data is analyzed, care providers can identify any gaps in care and drive improvements. For example if a large percentage of patients are unable to schedule follow-up appointments, hospitals can find strategies to address the issue before patients return home.

Increasing patient satisfaction

When OB patients feel the hospital is there to address concerns, they are likely to feel more satisfied with their care. With each follow-up call, the patient is engaging with the hospital and has a positive experience when his or her issues or concerns are addressed quickly.

Improving patient outcomes

A simple follow-up call is all it takes to understand if a patient or her child is at risk for an adverse event. Whether it is a safety or clinical issue, proactive follow up is a proven method to identifying at-risk patients before the issue escalates.

When it comes to following up with new moms there is no shortage of positive outcomes each encounter can produce. As a company we are constantly striving to better our programs to best reach, engage, and help patients, whether they be a newborn or an octogenarian. For more information on our OB follow-up program download our guide on following up with new moms.

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