Spotlight On: IT Rounding in a Hospital Setting


What is it?

With the extent of technology used for patient care, it is essential that equipment is functioning properly at all times. IT rounding, a form of Environment of Care rounding, is an important practice for auditing different types of technology and equipment within a healthcare environment. IT rounds range from monitoring the functionality of computers to performing HIPAA security audits.

How to do it?

IT rounds consist of manual checklists, and can be performed on any equipment within the hospital environment. Using standardized checklists, staff at all levels of the hospital can share results on one platform in real time. During rounds, automatic alerts can be triggered to appropriate team members to respond to immediate issues.

Why do it?

IT rounds increase visibility into the hospital’s equipment and resources in setting across the organization. Specifically, IT rounding helps to:

  • Prevent potential errors or security risks that could lead to costly lawsuits
  • Identify and quickly fix any broken equipment
  • Guarantee preparation for disaster recovery
  • Provide an accurate representation of the IT resources a facility should budget for in the future

Ultimately, these improvements to the facility translate into better experiences for both patients and staff.
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The upkeep of technology is critical, as it plays a central role in patient care. To see how CipherHealth can help your organization meet its IT rounding needs, contact us today.

As Demand Generation Manager, Lucia Huang, RN, integrates her previous experiences on the front lines of patient care within the broader context of the business of healthcare. She is passionate about empowering nurses to provide the highest quality and experience of patient care through technology. Lucia graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a BS in Economics from the Wharton School and a BSN from the School of Nursing.