Spotlight On: Executive Rounding on Patients


What is it?

Executive Rounding is a practice that allows senior leaders to engage with fellow executives, staff, and patients. This type of rounding demonstrates that even at the highest levels of the hospital, there is a commitment to identifying opportunity areas in care delivery, improving the experience of each patient, and recognizing progress and achievements of the organization.

How to do it?

Executive teams rotate through different locations within the hospital to gather information on what patients feel is going well with their care and what needs improvement. When an issue arises, executives will collaborate with staff members to resolve the issue immediately.

Why do it?

Executive rounding allows hospital leaders to learn, firsthand, how patients feel about their experiences with care. Specific benefits of executive rounding include:

  • Increase executive-to-staff communication by creating an open dialogue about patient perceptions
  • Allow leaders to identify opportunity areas in the delivery of care
  • Enable leadership to communicate a focused message to staff and patients about their strengths and ways to improve moving forward
  • Show employees that their contributions to the organization are appreciated by hospital leadership
  • Set a precedent for managers to do their own rounding, increasing accountability
  • Form a culture centered around open communication, engagement, and patient satisfaction
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To ensure that your organization is consistently delivering excellent patient care, there must be engagement and communication at all levels of the hospital. Contact us today to learn more about executive rounding on patients, or for a demo of our digital rounding solution.

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