Recording post-surgery debriefs to improve patient comprehension

In most hospitals after surgery, the physician will visit with the patient in the PACU. This is where the physician will disseminate information about the procedure and might use this time to discuss next steps. While this interaction is crucial, the patient is oftentimes overwhelmed and disoriented after a surgical procedure. In order to improve patient comprehension and compliance, one of our clients asked if they could utilize our recorded discharge instruction solution, Echo, for post-surgery recordings. 

When Echo was first launched, the product was intended to include a short recording of a 2-4 minute summary of the patients’ home care instructions during the discharge process. 24-48 hours after leaving the hospital, patients would receive a Voice phone call asking about their health and well being.  During this call, if the patients had questions related to their discharge instructions, they could listen to a recording of their own personalized set of instructions. This program was successful, with nearly 60% of patients discharged from the hospital listening to their ‘echoes’ at least once post-discharge, leading to increases in HCAHPS scores and a reduction in readmissions.

For the new program, physicians record short, 1-2 minute long recaps about the surgery immediately after the procedure is complete. Once this recap is recorded, the patient can access the recording at his/her convenience. In addition, when the patient returns home, he/she receives the same Voice follow-up phone call but now with the opportunity to not only listen to the discharge instructions but also the summary of the surgery recorded by the physician.

These extra opportunities to hear the physician’s message is especially useful in the post-surgery setting since patients are still recovering from the effects of anesthesia. When patients have increased access to their personalized information they feel more empowered and in control of their care, leading to higher compliance, better outcomes, and increased patient satisfaction scores.

For more information on how Echo can be used to improve patient experiences or to schedule a demo, contact us today.

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