Prioritizing the Patient Voice

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In an article recently published by American Association for Physician Leadership, CipherHealth’s Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) Lisa Romano, RN, MSN addresses the challenges that healthcare providers often experience in delivering positive experiences across the patient journey.

While providers often search for the secret to effective care management and patient communication, Romano offers simplicity in the answer: Listen to, understand, act on, and then resolve patient concerns. Patients deserve the highest quality of care, delivered in a way that meets their personal needs and preferences.

Romano elaborates on the need to integrate patient preferences into the plan of care by stating, “No matter how busy you are — the patient doesn’t need to feel rushed — let the patient know you are their advocate, that you care, and will make sure they are taken care of. Once the patient feels that caring message, it is critical that follow-through occurs or they will lose trust.”

The Impact of Trust on Patient Loyalty
As providers across the country celebrate this year’s Patient Experience Week, keeping this in mind will ensure patients are satisfied with their care experiences. The trust that patients develop with their care providers will have a direct impact on the ability of healthcare organizations to remain competitive in the changing healthcare landscape.

“We must earn loyalty through exceptional service both clinically and emotionally. We must earn that patient’s trust and never lose it. We must keep them safe and make sure they feel respected as a person and that we care. When that happens, there will be no one more loyal than the person on the receiving end,” Romano concludes.


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